- I freaking love her in this video. She is beyond gorgeous.

- I have a HUGE crush on Lauren Conrad, I think she is the definition of a perfect CALIFORNIA GIRL.

- This boy is just so sexy to me, PERFECTION…

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- I have always loved her legs and her butt, perfect lower body. The queen of POP

- This is so me and my girls when we are in the car, never a dull moment.

- Lady Gaga needs to go back to her roots, till this day Poker Face is still one of my favorite songs. She has CHANGES too much. 

Am in love with this song, she is so underrated. She has an amazing talent. Team jojo 

The Conjuring is one of the scariest movies I have seen in a long time, it had me jumping and screaming!!

Haci o mas clarrito … 

My heart stopped when i heard that Britney Spears signed a 2 yr contract with Planet Hollywood, thats an event I cant miss. Got to check that off my bucket list.